Tips for Playing Golf Course, the Adjusting of the Tee Position

Tips for Playing Golf Course, the Adjusting of the Tee Position

Confirmed that golfers ever use the Driving Range because that's where a good place for golfers to practice on the Golf Course (learn to hit the ball at the first time, practice moving the ball up and till try the new-club Golf Hotel). At various Driving Range (which many scattered everywhere) are now rarely encountered Driving Bay still has the tools to put the ball on a tee. It's probably because it does not exist or it has been damaged.

The tee is a handy little plastic to hold the ball in order to float above the surface so it can be easily beaten when the Teeing Off (early blow). When we practice using Wood 3 and above, or Iron generally do not need Tee but as we all know that when you practice on the golf course using driver (or Wood 1) or for beginners in using Iron even then, the tees are still needed (Hotel Golf). This way is easier goal to put the ball on a tee with no bending at all and it is so easy. Which of course, you can try because the way it has been successful in many people, who have tried it.
Follow the instructions below:
1. To initially use Iron club (club = stick) that any number up to you, depending on which you will be using at the time. But, for beginners who want to practice with this way, it will be easier to use a large number such as 7, 8 or 9 because the slope is gentler.
2. Place the ball (Hotel Golf Course) from the container towards the front tees. Please do the previous guidelines by using the Iron club. If you have done smoothly this way, then you can also put it behind Tee.
3. Footing your right foot on the left Tee with a gap of about 2cm from the Tee. Put your club on the right ball.
4. Using a club to slide / handful ball toward your feet until the ball pinched and tried to lift the ball slightly (as you scoop out)
5. While still pinning the ball at the feet, you roll the ball upwards to the tee then lower it slowly.
6. Because the elements of the club head to the shaft (excluding grip) made of hard materials (steel, titanium, graphite, carbon, etc.) certainly when lowering the ball (Hotel Golf Course) on a tee that did you will feel the vibration when the ball is located right on the tee ( it is also visible to the human eye)
7. Swing your club (slowly) to the right and slide your feet to the left. The point is to leave / disconnect balls that are mounted on the tee.
8. Finish. Now the ball has been prepared to be swung.

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