How to Lose Handicap

How to Lose Handicap

Basically, by selecting the right equipment have a role that is very important. In addition, the position and how to swing the stick and pointed up to a measurement of field conditions determine the reduction in the number of handicap. If you wish to lower the handicap, the following tips can help you in doing handicap reduction program.
1. If you are 2 times a week come to the driving range, you should change these habits become as often as possible to visit the driving range. It aims to train your hit. Hitting the ball with the number of lots to be very helpful groove your swing punches. If necessary, you re-asked the help of pros to train in a proper swing.
How to Lose Handicap
2. When was the last time you practice short game? Because of in the game of golf, the short game has a role to help lower the score. Rotation of the body towards the target at the time of impact must be maintained especially during pitching. Practice approximately 15 minutes before going down the field.
3. In addition to train blows, check your golf equipment also is required in the process of reduction in handicap. Because the study in 2013, eight of the nine players have an average rise of 1.7 strokes after fitting on their equipment.
4. Focus on the whole because the focus can be put into the desired result. Determine the decisions to be taken at the time in the field, club selection, speed and direction to hit the ball at the time of the swing. Stop focusing on the things that cannot improve performance. The game will be much better if you focus on the things we want.
5. Do not just practice all the time, try to follow the tournament. You should not limit the game if you want to advance your golf game. If you are diligent to go to the field, you will make it easy to find flaws that must be corrected immediately.
6. Play alone. It is also fun when you play without any other people around, playing in some of the same hole can be very useful, especially to find out how far you hit the ball.
So, those are a few tips for a reduction in the handicap golfers program, may be useful.

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