Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Chinese government Declare War on Golf

The Chinese government is very serious in the campaign against corruption, by issuing policies. Some of them sounded controversial.
One was seen from the latest report, as quoted from page Shanghaiist, Monday, April 13, 2015, on the planned closure of 66 illegal golf course, as well as 100 others that also threatened to be shut down.
The Chinese government Declare War on Golf
China has issued a moratorium on the construction of a new golf course since 2004, but hundreds of new golf courses keep popping up in the last decade.
Since Xi Jinping served as president, on November 2012, he repeatedly proved his promise, not to give the slightest room for corruption.
Daniel Washburn, author of "Forbidden Games: Golf and Dreams of the Chinese people," mentioned that golf is a game of the upper class, which only enjoyed a handful of people in China.
Some members of the elite golf club said he was surprised by the latest move by Beijing, argued that golf and corruptions are two separate issues.

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